Please note that my rates are donations for my time. Anything that happens afterwards is between two consenting adults,
and has nothing to do with money being exchanged.

Both of us will be nude. I am comfortable with you touching me all you like.

Services For Men:

The room is designed for a massage experience. Quiet and professional.  Music will be playing in the background.  Alternative furniture is available if required.

Men will receive a truly erotic interaction to raise your sexual temperature and to heighten your feelings and sensation.

You may want to enjoy the intensity of sensation over a considerable period of time; after all, the goal of this massage is for you to feel pleasure.

If you are looking for sexual connection, a time to let go of everything else and just concentrate on your horniness and desires, this is the place. You’ve come to the right guy.  The full “Boyfriend  Experience” (BFE) is available for those who will play safe.

Foreplay with kissing and oral stimulation all over the body will excite the you to another level of arousal.  I love to perform oral stimulation, and I am very good!  If kissing is not part of the experience you want to have, your requests will be respectfully honoured.

Have you considered your anal and prostate area being massaged?  Your prostate and anal area are as sensitive and are aroused as such when stimulated.  Whether it is externally, or internally, men usually achieve a higher level of erotic excitement when this area become part of the interaction.  This is an area where playing safe is also required. 

For men who are married and/or have never been massaged by a guy will have an experience which is taken slowly.  We want you to be calm and relaxed.  Discussion during the process will determine the amount of erotic interaction you desire.  Male erotic massage will replenish your energy and you will be taking care of yourself.

What other things would you like to explore?  This is the perfect opportunity to consider that something which has been occupying your mind.  There are few boundaries.  If you have a special request, please advise at time of booking so I am able to accommodate if possible.

How will the massage end?  That’s up to you — Your massage will end where the lotion is removed from your body with a hot towel.  You will rest quietly and think of this amazing experience.  Happiness may occur multiple times.

Services For Women:

Women are on led on a journey of therapeutic and relaxation massage.  Every portion of the body will experience a tantalizing stimulation during our time together.  A towel is used at the beginning to assist the body to warm up as well as excite the skin.


The massage moves at your comfort level and pace.  You will determine when the time is right for me to remove the towel and begin the sensual portion of the massage.  Unscented lotion is used to moisturize and relax your body.


The entire experience is designed to be a full “Boyfriend  Experience” (BFE).  In this situation, you will want this “Boyfriend” to never leave!  Touching, teasing, kissing, caressing and oral foreplay are very much part of our time together.  I love to perform oral stimulation, and if you are willing, this may be the part of the fully intimate sexual connection.


I will continue to excite at the lady’s pace if desired, or if you prefer, I am willing and able to guide the entire process.


This is an experience which is very intimate, kissing, caressing and foreplay are essential for me to make the excitement within us build.


It is important we play safe.

Services For Couples:

Unfortunately, I do not offer services where I massage one partner of a couple, and the other watches


Luxury services

This blonde masseuse is rightly termed as Toronto male companion in the sense that he takes pleasure in offering divine sensual bliss to upscale ladies and gents who understand the concepts of sex, libido and lust and want them to be explored by the touch of a handsome hunk.

He is also a well traveled person who can accompany you in posh hotel suites, swinger parties, erotic night clubs, bars etc and show you the real meaning of erotic sex and sensual pleasure. His mindblowing massage services like body slides, body to body, essential oil therapies etc are very deep relaxing and energizing leaving you fresh and revitalized for the next morning.

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